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  • Trade

Our flexible financing, secure trading options and worldwide network will give your corporation the Business Edge.

  • Treasury

Central Treasury London is equipped with necessary expertise and infrastructure which enables it to offer wide range of products; made to suit individual client’s specific requirement.

  • Syndicated Loans

A Syndicated Loan incorporates a range of different bank debt offerings which seek to provide a client with a significant amount of short to medium term bank debt with a typical maturity range of 364 days to 8 years and is usually provided by two or more financial institutions.

  • Loans

Whether you run a small enterprise or a corporation, the State Bank of India can provide the credit your business needs.

  • Corporate Accounts

Corporate accounts can be defined as businesses that have more than 10 employees and a turnover or annual balance sheet exceeding €2mn.

These accounts are handled by our dedicated Business team based at our City of London branch. The products that are offered to Corporates are as follows :

  1. Current Account
  2. Business plus Savings account
  3. Business plus Fixed Deposit account
  4. Short term Fixed Deposit account
  5. Access to our Commercial, Trade and Forex business products

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